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Okay, NOW I am back! (so sorry for having to leave again, I feel bad)

2015-10-18 22:47:02 by lunchboxdrummer

Hi guys and gals! I know I said last time I wouldn't leave (especially after two days, I feel really bad for leaving), but a lot of things have been going on. Being a music major in college can be rough but I have perservered over these past couple of years and now that graduation is getting close and midterms are all over for me, I can get back to being a kid again! :D I am uploading a few of the many tracks that I have worked on in my long absence. I just wanna say thanks for the feedback on "Archipelago" and especially "City Lite," I am really happy you guys enjoyed them! I'll be checking back on here and posting updates and music on a regular schedule (what it'll be I don't know, I'll still be very busy). Thanks again everyone and have an awesome week! :D


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2015-10-19 00:20:17

oh man what are you most interested in when studying music at college? for me it was audio engineering! but pft don't worry about being inactive, i'm the same way and feel guilty sometimes for not being around :P

lunchboxdrummer responds:

Thanks for understanding. I specialize in Music Composition, Theory and Production. Instrument of choice is percussion. :)